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Year 5 - Extra curriculum provision

The main contact with your teachers is still through the Seesaw app and daily on-line Teams sessions. 

Use the following .pdf document to view the links for your child's learning, including interventions:

Here is Baddow Hall Junior School's extra provision for pupils during this school closure (third government appointed lockdown). This is an ever-changing period of time and will depend on the government's final decision (the latest guidance is to return after half-term).

The activities are for children who wish to challenge themselves and should only be used if their appropriately challenged and teacher-directed tasks are complete for the lessons posted on SeeSaw. 

Please note that some tasks will have answer pages attached to them. These should be used as a reference point to support the children's learning and as an aid to measure understanding and not just to copy from.


Here you will find an extensive set of documents containing enough Year 5 mathematics to help your child meet every objective for the year.  The answers are half-way through each document so will involve a lot of 'scrolling down' to access.  All credit goes to the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (CIMT).

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