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Controlling access to the school site

Schools are private property. People do not have an automatic right to enter. Parents have an ‘implied licence’ to come on to school premises at certain times (see below). The school follows government guidance regarding the control of access to its site. This guidance can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/controlling-access-to-school-premises/controlling-access-to-school-premises

The occasions when parents may come on to Baddow Hall Junior School premises are as follows:

  • to drop off or pick up their children
  • to attend appointments, including parents' evenings
  • to attend a school event to which they have been invited as part of the parent body
  • to visit the school office to make enquiries, submit paperwork, drop off belongings for their child or other reasons that are deemed appropriate in the context of a school office
  • to participate as an invited helper (e.g. for a school trip or a themed day at school)
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