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Baddow Hall Junior School

Pupil Premium Grant - Use and Impact 2019-2020

Pupil Premium is a government grant which is allocated to schools based on the number of children eligible for free school meals and the number of looked after children. Schools are entitled to spend their allocated Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) in a way they think will best support the raising of the attainment and achievement of these children.

At BHJS, we believe that the most successful route to academic excellence is through high quality small group, focused teaching. Results from 2019 Summer Term assessments have shown a steady closing of the gap of BHJS PPG funded children and National non-funded children across all subjects and year groups. To this end, we will continue to use a substantial portion of our PPG funding on employing an additional teacher in years 6 in order to provide small teaching groups for maths and literacy. Whilst working within a smaller group, under the guidance of a qualified teacher, children’s specific needs can be met more easily, enabling any gaps to be closed and full potential to be reached. In addition we will also use PPG funding to provide support and intervention groups for children in years 3 to 6 who have been identified as unlikely to meet expected national targets in Maths and English based on their current attainment

Additionally, PPG funding is used to reduce any ‘barriers to learning’ which may exist. Amongst other things, these may include low self-esteem, poor attendance, gaps in learning or a lack of confidence.   Pupils should feel unique, valued, special and experience trips and be part of a wide range of extra-curricular clubs.  PPG money is used to ensure all pupils are happy; all pupils are ready to learn such as through the delivery of our respect club for pupils in year 5 and 6 and bespoke counselling sessions.      

Each pupil that is currently eligible (or has been eligible in the last 6 years) for free school meals (FSM) is allocated £1,320 to be spent on ensuring they reach their academic potential.  Looked after children are each allocated £2,300 for additional support within school.

Review of Pupil Premium Strategy July/September 2018

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