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School twinning - Schillerschule, Backnang (Germany)

Schillerschule Backnang
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In November 2023, one of our staff members - Mrs Mascot - made a return visit to Schillerschule. She was in Backnang in her capacity of Mayor of Chelmsford (May 2023-May 2024) and ensured a visit to the school was part of her schedule of events. You can read more about this visit below (taken from the website of Schillerschule: https://schillerschule-bk.de/2023/10/30/besuch-aus-chelmsford-2/)



On the Friday before the holidays, the Mayor of Chelmsford Linda Mascot visited the Schillerschule again with her deputy Jude Deakin.

The new English AG was very happy about the English visit. This meant you could immediately show what you had learned. Over the last few weeks, Mr. Whitehead and Ms. Bauer have been teaching the children in the group how to properly introduce themselves to guests. The guests were also happy about the children's knowledge. Linda Mascot not only works as mayor, but also at Baddowhall Junior School, the English partner school of the Schillerschule. After the holidays there will be video conferences with the students there again.

After the English lesson, the exchange in the teachers' room was of course also missing.

Almost the entire staff met with the guests for a cozy finale before heading off for the well-deserved autumn break.


Photo above shows Mr McIntosh, Frau Otterbach (Schillerschule Headteacher - centre) and Frau Bollman (Schillerschule Deputy Headteacher - left)

Mr McIntosh was fortunate to be invited to make a visit at the end of November and be hosted by the school, observing lessons, meeting staff and learning more about the German education system. There is a lot of potential to embrace and grow this relationship for the benefit of our pupils and their understanding of the wider world around them and both Headteachers agreed on an aspiration to pursue this together (see 'Memorandum of Understanding' below). We will be sharing the ways we do this throughout the year.

BHJS Schillerschule Memorandum of Understanding

One of the pupils from Schillerschule, Frida, recorded an introductory tour of Backnang for our children and staff and we have been given permission to share it here:

Schillerschule Film.mpg
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